Ep. 11: Let Me Tell You About Shocking Reveals

John's dad isn't all that into clowns! Betty Crocker owns Gushers! Jade's grandfather is dead and her dog is some kind of crazy devilbeast! Rose's mother is a scientist that's been trying to time-clone her dead cat! Abooooouut 75% of stuff you remember from Act 3 happens in this episode, and I flagrantly abuse that record scratch sound effect.

Music used in this episode:

Cantown, An Unbreakable Union, Ectobiology, Versus, Skaian Flight, Sarabande from Homestuck Volume 5

Frost from Homestuck Volume 6

Walls Covered in Blood from Alternia

The CarnivalEven In Death, Rumble at the Rink from Homestuck Volume 7

Emerald Terror from coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B

Dissension, Chorale for Jaspers, Pony Chorale, Revelawesome, Hardlyquin, Carefree Victory from Homestuck Volumes 1-4

The Ballad of Jack Noir from Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead

Airtime from Homestuck Volume 8