Ep.9: Let Me Tell You About Jade Harley

As we enter a new Act in LMTYAHS, we gain a new member on our podcast: Faith! She'll be handling the female characters' dialogue from now on, sparing us from Mike's awful Jade voice. Speaking of female characters, we finally start getting acquainted with Jade as Faith and I tell Mike all about rambunctious fruit, Green Slime Ghosts, Squiddles, and Jade's wide variety of fursuits I MEAN PURSUITS

Music used in this episode:

Homestuck Anthem, Greenhouse, and Ecstacy from Homestuck Volume 5

Squididdle!Tangled Waltz, and Friendship is Paramount from Squiddles!

Gardener from Homestuck Volumes 1-4

And some samples from [S] Jade: Play a silly flute refrain.

Here's Mike's fankid. I should probably make one for me  and Faith too: